Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chapter Six: My Redeemer

Written by: Teresa Criswell
Copyright © 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

King Jesus led me by the hand as we walked together. The moon illuminated the dark, starlit sky, yet with a haze of smoke coming forth from the distance, everything around me was intensified. As I heard the leaves rustling together in the wind, I was drawn to this beautiful mountain, when I heard my King Jesus say, “Do you want to see the amazing sight over this hill?” With excitement, I said, “Yes, King Jesus! Wherever you go, I want to go!”

As we ran together, the night wind passed through my hair and at that moment I felt as though the whole world was in slow motion, experiencing peace annihilate every part of my being. When we reached the incredible scene I realized where the smoke was coming from. It was an amazing bonfire. I was surprised to see such a huge fire with only one person. There she stood, a beautiful woman. Jesus drew me near as He whispered, “Watch and see her need be fulfilled.” I watched Him walk to her as I stood off to the distance. My curiosity of what He would do next, drew me closer. As I drew closer I realized it was her; the girl who I saw in my dreams. There she stood before the bonfire emptying the contents of a box that was simply labeled “lies”.

It was amazing as I watched, to know that as she emptied this box of ‘lies’ the One who stood beside her was Truth!

She looked to her side and realized that Jesus her King stood beside her. As tears streamed down her fire lit cheeks, she started to shake as tears welled up within her innermost parts. She slowly handed the box over to Jesus. I watched Him gently grasp one of her hands as He so beautifully accepted the box with His other hand. To hear His gigantic, gorgeous whisper I heard Him say, “You are ready, you can do this, I Am with you.”

Together they emptied the contents of this box into the fire. He did something incredibly amazing. He not only emptied the box but He threw the box itself into the fire. Right before my eyes, I saw the ‘scales’ literally be removed from her eyes. It was not just one layer but it seemed to be layer after layer. As the scales came off, her countenance changed right before my eyes. It was as though I could see the thoughts going through her mind. They seemed to be thoughts of peace and new territories of freedom that she dared even dream existed. She sat down with her legs criss-crossed as she sat on the ground and her arms rested on the side of her knees as she made sure that the contents of the box and the box itself were truly being consumed never to return.

It seemed like an eternity as she stared into the dimming, crackling fire. She finally spoke to Jesus. She said, “How could I have left you Lord? Thank you for Your forgiveness over me for living a life as if to say, there was something better than You.”

With regret in her voice, she said, “Where would I have been if only I had been with you?” As Jesus the King sat with her, He so passionately touched the tip of her chin and softly lifted her head that seemed to hang in shame. He lifted her head, as tears streamed down her face. He said, “If you would have stayed with Me all those years you would be right where you are.”

When I heard those words spoken to her, I was still with awe. I thought, “Wait! So that is what it is! Redemption! It is truly an active experience as the Redeeming power of God came upon her.” He was truly The Redeemer. He turned those ashes into beauty. I believed when He said, “You would be right where you are” I don’t believe He meant in the literal sense of this dimension of time, however I believe He meant her heart’s desire was now for Him, right where it needed to be; where her heart was destined to remain.

I now ask you, “Can you see her?” “Can you see the tiara upon her head?” “Do you see her looking into the eyes of God?” “Can you see her dancing?” “Can you see her smiling?” “Can you finally see her pleased with who she is?” “As you see her, do you see yourself?”

You must know by now that He is holding you with arms of unfailing love! He wants to lavish you with His loving faithfulness which is higher than the highest mountain. His love is deeper than the deepest sea even more than all the bodies of water on this earth put together.

He redeems you from what you could not and cannot become on your own. What is it about Him that can change your perspective of yourself in one life altering moment? The life changing perspective is because of His love. His Love is an “All-Consuming Fire” that burns and disintegrates the lies.

Do you see His loving hands extended out to you? I plead with you! Take His Mighty Hands. “He will lead you to paths of life.” “He will make those crooked paths straight” (Psalm 16:11, Isaiah 42:16).

When adversity comes, why go through it alone? He conquered adversity, which makes you more than a conqueror…you get to go through it with Him knowing what waits for you on the other side…Victory!

Go to the fire with King Jesus and allow Him to burn that cloak of lies that have been deceptively hemmed together with bitterness, unworthiness, unforgiveness, hate and strife. Watch what He does with the ashes of that cloak…be amazed by what only He can do...REDEEM!


  1. Hello new Blogging Buddy, This post is so similar to where my heart has been and what my Sunday post was about. I am so thankful for a loving God who wants me for me and has saved me by grace. It was all HIM!!

    Have a wonderful week!

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  11. "You would be right where you are." As I continued to read I found such profound truth and promise in this.

    Nothing matters more than our heart being fully surrendered and in love with Him!

    Thanks for such powerful reminders of Truth today!

    And nice to "meet" you! The name of your blog was an instant draw to my heart! AMEN!

  12. You are all amazing daughters of the King. I am so blessed as we are getting to celebrate the gifts of God within one another....I thank each of you for coming by. In my gratefulness I'm on my way to visit each of you...God's blessings upon each of you as you are so lovely!

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  14. Teresa, I can picture all of this in a movie. The scenery is so vividly described. Lovely!