Monday, February 7, 2011

God Is Enthralled By Your Beauty

Yes! It is accomplished...I have started a blog exclusively for my self-published book:
God Is Enthralled By Your Beauty,
Finally Looking Into the Mirror He Sees You In.

Each chapter will be inserted by individual posts.

I pray that you find this book encouraging. However, I not only want you to go away with the temporal encouragement, but I also pray with great expectancy that this book will bring forth God's transforming power over your life. I pray that you will not only see but also experience the transformation that only God can reveal and give to us through the renewing of our minds by His Holy Spirit and His Truth revealed by the Word of God.

God Is Enthralled By Your Beauty is targeted towards women ages 18 to 35. However, no matter the age, we must know God's transforming love over us. This eternal love that is more vast than vast itself will begin to change how we see ourselves and others. The Love of God, Who Is Love is the Love we must be expressing through us and upon others. We cannot utilize our own perception of love, for it will run out, disappoint and is full of conditions. By the powerful love of God, we must reach for the mandate to celebrate not only ourselves, but also celebrating the gifts of God within one another.

Sister, Daughters, Mothers and Friends, we must enpower one another by building each other up, not only with mere words; but with the powerful Word that does not return void by God's amazing declarations of His purpose and destiny over each of us.

May we remember:
God does not only possess love; He is Love.
God does not only possess beauty; He is Beauty.
God does not only possess faith; He is Faith.
God does not only possess mercy; He is Mercy.
God does not only possess justice; He is Justice.
God does not only possess righteousness; He is Righteousness.
God does not only possess the attribute of Truth; He is Truth.
We could go on for eternity...however, Who He is must be revealed through each of us.

Are we ready to reveal to the world of women who they truly are?
Let's go, let's proclaim and let us see each other set free because of our greatest Hero, Jesus Christ! While we see the crowns of freedom upon each other, the world will experience healing like never imagined, because instead of focusing on self, we have altered our focus to Whom the focus belongs to...Jesus Christ our Rescuing Savior and Lord!


  1. Hi Teresa -

    Thank you...

    I love the title of your book.

    Our Lord has indeed given you a gift with words!

    Praise His name.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment! I look forward to reading more here. :)